Note** These are not N95 face masks.


Fabric face masks with filter pockets and a filter. Masks are made using 100% cotton fabric. They are washable and reusable. The filter is also washable for up to 8 washes before needing to be replaced

Face mask

  • Please, please know that my masks are not N95 masks. My masks come with a filter that is washable for up to 8 times. When replacing you can use a folded paper towel in the pocket or you can use coffee filters. These masks will, however, prevent you from touch your face and causing you to infect yourselves. Right now it is very, very important that you wear a face mask if you have to go outside, it has been mandated.
    These fabric masks are washable and done so with a light detergent and I go the extra mile of using baking soda in my wash to eliminate bacteria. Then place them in the dryer to further kill germs. They are 100% cotton fabric and can also be ironed by folding them in half.
    Please continue to stay safe! Practice social distancing and wash your hands. Help to flatten the curve by staying inside if there is no real need for you to go outside and into crowds. Thank you for your support.



    Beau Jé Designs

  • Please wash in warm water and use a light detergent. The masks can be placed in the dryer on medium heat and ironed when dried. It can also be air-dried. 

    If you purchase one with the filter, the filter is removable and washable for up to 8 times. Just remove the filter and gently wash it by hand and air-dry. Then return it to your mask.


    Please handle your mask with clean hands


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