• Isabel Gransaull

Face Masks-The new normal

Whew Chile! Everyone was so excited for 2020 and looking forward to so many positive things. Things seemed fine for the first couple of months for the most of us and then suddenly, we were hit with a global pandemic- 'Covid19' , otherwise known as the Coronavirus. Our lives changed overnight! Now we have been mandated to wear face masks if we need to go outside into areas where other people are, groceries etc. It is recommended by the CDC that a fabric face covering be worn. They also recommend that N95 and other such masks be left for the frontline workers.

A face mask is great for keeping your own bodily fluids at bay in the event you sneeze or cough. It also keeps your nose and mouth covered in the event someone else sneezes or coughs and they are not properly covered. Donning a face mask has become the new norm for many, including myself and family. We have not been going out much unless it is necessary though.

I cannot stress enough, the need to stay home if you are not an essential worker. These are not our regular, normal days of the recent past, so please wear a mask if you need to go out. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water often. Keep your hands off your face. Sanitize hard surfaces in your home often. Help your children to do the same, since this is the only way we can flatten the curve of the virus. We all want to live our normal lives again but doing so prematurely or unprotected and cause an upsurge of the dreaded disease that has claimed the lives of so many, including some of my dear friends. It is sad and scary, so please stay safe.

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