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New Beginings

Welcome to my very first blog post. I have resisted writing a blog for far too long. It is always, what I should write about and if anyone would read it. I have decided that today would be the day I start and whatever comes my way going forward I am just going to deal with it and move along.

It has been almost 10 months since I have done much of anything sewing related as I needed to take a break and take care of myself, so I feel like a newbie sewist/ designer again (somewhat) lol. With that said, I had to get back to my studio slowly to get my feet wet again and be able to build my speed up again and make sure my skills were only resting but not gone. I have since worked on a few simple items for myself and recently fell in love with bowtie pins and started making them. Below is a photo of one of them being worn. I have a few available on the site and keep in mind that I can also create a color combo you may want but not see on my site.

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See you all soon.



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