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Beau Jé Designs is here to serve you for your custom-made clothing needs. This is a one-person studio at present. I make a wide range of women's clothing, from Bridal wear to elegantly casual.

I am working again on reintroducing men's clothing, mainly shirts, and trousers, but slowly so. Lol! 

How does this work? You select one of the styles available from my site or send me an inspiration photo, with a description of what you would like to have made. Include the colors, length, and any details that will help me to bring your vision to life and in the time that you want it. 

You then go the the 'How to Measure' page for the diagram of how to take your measurements and send me your measurements, so that I can create a fabulous garment for you.

I also offer sewing classes to those who really want to learn the art because I love to teach and would love to see the sewing community grow even more.

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My Story

Hello Friends


My name is Isabel. I am a wife to a wonderful supportive husband and mother to two awesome boys. They truly keep me busy every day and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

I enjoy spending time with my husband and taking in the sounds and sights that nature has to offer. I will not go camping outdoors though, I'm not there yet. Lol! I love cooking, painting, drawing, crafting but my greatest love in the arts is sewing and designing.


I have been designing and making clothing now for over thirty (30) years and I just love it.  I am a native of  The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. There is where I was trained formally, in garment design and construction as well as pattern making. Therefore, I am confident that I am able to fit your body type no matter what it is.


My name Beau Jé  (say- bow jher) literally means, 'Beautiful I'.

I chose this name since it is my aim to make you feel even more beautiful wearing Beau Jé Designs.


I do look forward to working with you soon.




I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities, collaborations, ambassadorship, etc.

 Let's connect.

(1) 678-701-7271